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Neverending fun is guaranteed with our Horse Games! The best horse free games are waiting for you at Miniplay, so 3... 2... 1... play!

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Horse Games

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Are you a horse lover? You belong here! Miniplay offers you a multitude of horse games to make you feel much closer to these majestic animals. Learn all the necessary care for the daily life of the horses, practice and overcome different levels. A horse, like any other animal, needs to be cared for, such as putting on the shoes correctly. Become a professional in the equine world by feeding all the animals on a farm, cleaning the stable, even taking care of the plants. You can also learn to manage a horse ranch, take control of a safari and even play horse racing online. But if you're weak on ponies, Miniplay gives you the chance to choose your favourite pony and go on missions or start your own pony farm, taking care of everything that comes with it: feeding them, cleaning them and covering each and every one of their needs. You can even make music with animals. Yes, yes, just like you're reading it! You can form your own animal orchestra and have them play different tunes. Music maestro! Each mini-game in the horse games section has these beautiful animals as its protagonists and you can become their inseparable adventure partner. In certain cases, Miniplay offers the possibility of playing in multiplayer mode so that you can enjoy the fun with a friend and have a good time together. Don't worry if you don't know how the game works in some cases, since Miniplay allows you to consult an informative guide with the game instructions of each one, and also in a very visual way, with a simple video that explains all the details perfectly. Of course, we not only have horse games, but if your passion is animals in general, you can enjoy different games like: lion games, frog games, sheep games, cow games or seal games, for example.