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Protect my Dog 3

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How to play Protect my Dog 3?

Get ready to enjoy Protect my Dog 3, the third part of this cool physics-based adventure game! It's time to help some cute doggies survive the attack of a huge swarm of killer bees. Do your best to test your pencil skills and your ability to protect your friends from a deadly attack - are you ready to prevent an allergic reaction from ending their lives in the blink of an eye?

Keep the laws of physics in mind at all times and watch your surroundings carefully as you quickly draw a powerful shield to help them survive for at least 10 really dangerous seconds. It sounds simple, but not everyone will have the chance to overcome each of the challenges you will have to face alive. Live an out-of-the-ordinary experience and prove your great talent! Good luck...

Who created Protect my Dog 3?

This game was developed by TrendyGames.

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