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How to play Golden Bros?

Golden Bros is a Free-To-Play Play-To-Earn game in which to obtain great benefits through our hours of play thanks to its Blockchain-based technology.

Netmarble presents the first AAA production cryptobattle, Golden Bros, a P2E Battle Royale in real time in which to participate in intense multiplayer battles.

It is a totally free-to-play three-on-three multiplayer third-person shooter available for PC, iOS and Android. Play with one of the Bros Free-To-Play avatars or dive into its NFT universe to invest in your unique character and start earning great rewards with your epic victories.

How to play Golden Bros?

The core gameplay in Golden Bros is fast and fun 3-minute battles in search of big rewards. Participate in 3v3 cryptobattles, work as a team and destroy your opponents together with your friends.

During the games you will be able to acquire Ability Capsules that will modify your powers to change a character configuration that will adapt to the way you play.

How does Play-To-Earn work?

If you decide to immerse yourself in the Golden Bros Play-To-Earn universe, you will be able to invest in your NFT Bros to achieve a totally customized unique avatar with which to generate profits through your hours of play. The more you play, the more benefits you will get; the better you play, the more benefits for your virtual wallet.

In addition, you can take part in the Special Battle Royale mode to win the biggest and most valuable prizes.

Is Golden Bros safe?

Golden Bros is created by gaming giant Netmarble and uses Binance-based Blockchain technology to guarantee the validity and security of its NFT transactions. All this to offer all the freedom to the player to expand his Blockchain world.

To access the monetization of the game you will have to create your own Binance account to start trading with total security.

Golden Bros uses its own virtual currency called GBC Token that can be obtained once registered in the game.

What characters does Golden Bros offer?

Golden Bros offers its players a number of unique characters, each with their own story. Each of them offers their own abilities; find the one that best suits the way you play the game:

  • Gregory
  • Lady Thunder
  • Margaret
  • Master Kung
  • Braine Newey
  • Sugar Sugar
  • Shooting Star K
  • Jennifer
  • Crown Hunter

In addition, you will be able to configure your characters with unique costumes that will enhance some skills or others, so that each player can find his ideal configuration. The costumes feature three categories that allow for victory bonuses and different numbers of games per day:

  • Classic | Victory Bonus x1.00 | Daily Battles x3.
  • Luxury | Victory Bonus x3.00 | Daily Battles x10.00
  • Premium | Victory Bonus x4.33 | Daily Battles x10

How are NFTs used in Golden Bros?

Golden Bros works with various types of NFTs that make your Play-To-Earn experience much richer and deeper. From costumes and appearances to equipment and weapons. Golden Bros encourages its players to make NFT transactions of all these items to get their characters more customized and get great benefits from it.

Immerse yourself in Golden Bros crypto-battles and engage in frantic 3-on-3 team fights. Customize your avatar and complete the most beneficial transactions with your NFT assets for great rewards.



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