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How to play Town Star?

Town Star is a Play-To-Earn style farming and town building simulation game in which you earn money by designing and building your own virtual town.

Designed by one of the co-founders of Zynga, the company responsible for Farmville, Town Star is a competitive farming game in which players use NFT elements to complete daily challenges to earn TownCoin rewards through the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

How is Town Star played?

Town Star is essentially a virtual life and simulation game in which we manage our own town to make it grow through farming and constructing all kinds of buildings that provide resources every so often.

Through an isometric view, we can move freely to select any unit on screen and manage the different menus, all through a clear and intuitive interface.

How do I get rewards in Town Star?

The goal of Town Star is to achieve the most efficient and productive city possible compared to the cities of the other players in the game ecosystem.

Each week, the top players on the Town Star leaderboard win great prizes. In addition, players who complete daily challenges will unlock and collect TownCoin rewards.

How does the Town Star economy work?

All Town Star players can interact with in-game items. Those items cost in-game money, money that must be generated and spent through Town Star gameplay. Town Star's own money is not transferable and has no value outside of the game.

Other Town Star items have a limited supply and are owned by each player. These items are so-called NFTs secured through blockchain. They can only be purchased from the Gala Games (creators of Town Star) store while supplies last.

Town Star NFTs can be transferred between players and outside of the game itself, with real value outside of Town Star's own ecosystem. Although if Town Star NFTs are used in-game they can generate extra rewards for the player.

What are TownCoins?

TownCoins are tokens created by Gala Games only as Town Star Play-To-Earn type rewards. Unlike in-game virtual money, TownCoin (NFT) currency is a real cryptocurrency hosted on blockchain that can be exchanged between players and bought and sold through player-to-player transactions.

To earn TownCoin it is necessary to play Town Star with NFT items. At the same time, different exclusive items are offered as NFT that can only be purchased with TownCoin.

How to earn rewards with NFT?

To earn rewards in the form of TownCoin it is necessary to use NFT items in the game, fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Daily Challenges: Each day offers different challenges to be completed by the player, from earning a certain amount of stars in 24 hours to sending a minimum amount of a particular good, among others.
  • Gala Powerr: Each player has a level known as Gala Power determined by the amount of GALA and TownCoin stored in his wallet. This level determines the amount of additional NFTs that can be obtained. For example, a player with Gala Power 3 will get 3 NFT.
  • Season Pass: Each game season will offer a NFT pass with different objectives and challenges to complete in order to obtain additional TownCoin.

Where can I play Town Star?

Town Star is compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS and iOS and Android devices.

Create your own farm and get great rewards with Town Star! Manage your town's resources, grow, have fun, outperform other players and earn real rewards through the different NFT transactions available in the game.


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