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Neverending fun is guaranteed with our Animal Games! The best animal free games are waiting for you at Miniplay, so 3... 2... 1... play! Know our Cat Games, Dog Games and Fish Games, choose between lots of games and press play!

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Who doesn't like animals? If you're passionate about these living things, you're in the right place. Live all kinds of adventures with the animal games that Miniplay has to offer. You can be the protagonist of an adventure in the zoo, become the dentist of all kinds of animals or even play with fantastic animals with these online games. Stay close to the fauna that surrounds us. All this and much more is available in Miniplay. With our animal games you can play with all kinds of furry or hairless creatures. Become a cat chasing its ball of wool or eating fish with the cat games, take care of puppies in the dog games or help the pigs of Angry Birds to defend themselves from the grumpy birds with the pig games. In this section we have all the animals gathered, from wild animals like bears, lions, elephants, monkeys and kangaroos, to domestic animals like hamsters, dog games, rabbits and horses, we even have dinosaur games! Put yourself in the skin of a T-Rex and destroy the streets of Miami or climb the branches of the trees moving like a real monkey, you are free to choose your favorite animal and the type of adventure you will play with it. Don't waste your time and create your virtual best friend with our animal games, and you can live hundreds of experiences. The animals of Miniplay are always ready to accompany you. If you are more of a sports person, you can also form your animal team to get the best trophies. Sign up and train the best ones to stand out in the competition. If art is your thing, you can enjoy coloring, painting and drawing different animals for free with Miniplay. In the animal games you will have to use your keyboard with skill to move the characters through the different scenarios or the mouse to feed your virtual pets, so train your typing skills to become the best. Every mini-game in this section has these furry creatures as its main characters. So get ready to start your wildest adventure - a whole zoo is waiting for you in this beastly section! You can't miss it.

🧐 Which are the most searched free Animal Games?

  1. Cat Mario 2
  2. Penguin Diner 2
  3. Toca Boca My Pets
  4. Hungry Shark
  5. Hungry Shark Arena

πŸ”₯ Which are the newest Animal Games?

  1. Alien: Tasty Farm
  2. Duck Life
  3. Mrs. Hop! Hop!
  5. Laugh Balls