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Scientists claim that dinosaurs became extinct thousands and thousands of years ago. But on Miniplay they're back, and they're everywhere. We bring you the best dinosaur games so that the Jurassic world never ceases to amaze you. Prehistory is like this: an inhospitable time, full of dangers! Help our dinosaur friends to save themselves from meteorite explosions, or to watch over their young from the predators that lurk in the area. And of course, there will always be a T rex ready to snack... so run! Don't let the most feared dinosaur of all time catch up with you in the T-Rex games. The online dinosaur games will allow you to put yourself in the skin of a small animal, ready to become Godzilla and destroy cities, but you will also find other stories, where the instinct of protection will be the main character. The best free dinosaur games are on Miniplay, and we have some really crazy and fun stuff too: Have you ever seen a dinosaur on a bicycle? Do you know the hybrid beast between a great white shark and a dinosaur? Well, you can't miss Sharkosaurus! Help friendly dinosaurs pick up blocks and escape, or seek refuge from the extinction of the most fascinating animals that have passed through Miniplay. Surprise yourself by seeing Tyrannosaurs walking around different cities in London Rex, New York Rex, LA Rex, Mexico Rex, Paris Rex. Try to tame them, in our dinosaur taming games. Take the challenge and make your baby dinosaur a cute pet. All the dinosaur Miniplay you can imagine, we have them. Don't miss our selection of the most played dinosaur games by our community: Dino Melt, Dino Run Deluxe, Caveman, Robot Dinosaur, Donald the Dino, Warp Forest, or Prehistoric Online. Meet our Jurassic fauna: fearsome and huge predators coming for you, dinosaur fighting games, or friendly friends you can help. At the time of the Miniplay dinosaur games there were also human beings: cavemen have appeared in our stories. Some are friends, others will try to hunt. Whose side are you on? We also bring you a fantastic selection of games related to other animals: cat games, dog games, squirrel games, horse games, and much more! Relive a fascinating time in history on Miniplay and have fun with our dinosaur games. Jurassic, huge, fun, fascinating and very, very addictive. The best online dinosaur games are already here. What are you waiting for to try them all? Raawr!

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  3. T-Rex Run 3D
  4. Animal Evolution Simulator
  5. Party Animals

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  1. Dino Run Deluxe
  2. Dino Hunter
  3. Rio Rex
  4. Miami Rex
  5. Sharkosaurus Rampage