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Neverending fun is guaranteed with our Love Games! The best love free games are waiting for you at Miniplay, so 3... 2... 1... play! Know our Lover Games, Kiss Games and Date Games, choose between lots of games and press play!

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In the category of love games we have a great selection of Miniplay where love is the undisputed protagonist. Love moves mountains and is important in our lives because we do not only talk about love as a couple. Everyone wants someone in their life and what better way than to learn to show it than with these free online love games. If you have not yet found love, these online games can help you because they can give you certain guidelines and thus become a professional seduction. Prepare yourself for a very special date with our dating games, preparing a dinner for the occasion since among the guests can be the very Justin Bieber. Improve your kissing skills with the kissing games or seduce your partner with the love games, all of them designed to bring hearts to your screen. Do you want to become Romeo and look for your Juliet? Or maybe you are one of those who prefer to be Cupid and give out arrows of love left and right to make you fall into temptation? In either case, we have these games and many more in which love is the true protagonist. Put yourself in the skin of Aladdin when it comes to having a date with his beloved Jasmine and take advantage of the most suitable moment to kiss her; become a heartbreaker by falling in love with as many girls as possible, the more hearts you collect, the faster you will complete the level; even Adam and Eve are present in our catalogue, personifying the sin of gluttony with the aphrodisiac chocolate. This and much more awaits you in the love games of Miniplay. So you know, don't wait for Valentine's Day to enjoy the best love games! You can choose from a wide range of games thanks to the extensive catalogue of Miniplay. And most importantly, let yourself go!