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How to play Clash of Coins?

Clash of Coins is a Play-To-Earn game that defines itself as the first MMORTS with persistent world matches for up to 100,000 players.

It is a real-time strategy game designed to host thousands of players battling for world domination, all through a Blockchain ecosystem in which to manage NFT assets.

NFT asset management is entirely optional and is not required to enjoy Clash of Coins' free to play proposition.

How to play Clash of Coins?

Clash of Coins is a free to play game in which players participate in strategic battles around the world for the conquest of territories, all on the largest browser-based map to date.

Choose your crypto-clan and start conquering lands to expand your empire. Clash of Coins' massive battles allow you to expand your domains or defend them from the attacks of many other players pursuing the same goal.

Capture, protect and expand are the three basic concepts of Clash of Coins, through which players will develop their games and, as an option, they will be able to start obtaining benefits through the transaction of NFT.

What are the benefits of NFTs in Clash of Coins?

Those players who bet on playing with cryptocurrencies will have numerous advantages at their fingertips, all along with the development of Clash of Coins over the months and years. Some of the NFT advantages that will come to the game are:

  • More skills and tactics.
  • More customization options with new NFT items
  • New battle pass and higher rarity items
  • Collaborations with NFT artists
  • Tournaments and events with rare prizes
  • Launch of NFT lands
  • Increased level cap and extra skills
  • Token release
  • And last but not least... Expansion of the metaverse and migration to new platforms

Main Clash of Coins skills

Some of the skills available to Clash of Coins players are:

  • Blackout: Forbids capturing for 20 seconds on the entire map and shuts down attack towers. It blocks players' income and abilities during the action.
  • Artillery: Hits the selected province and its 3 surrounding provinces.
  • Nuclear Attack: Destroys all provinces on the map.
  • Aggressive Capture: An attack tower will be automatically built in the next 5 captured provinces.
  • Defense: Protects the selected province from all attacks for 15 seconds.
  • EMI: Destroys towers and blocks the selected provinces for 25 seconds.
  • Fortification: Defends the selected provinces from any enemy attack for 20 seconds.
  • Rocket Strike: Inflicts damage to the selected province and its two random neighboring provinces.
  • Fast income: Income from owning a province is 2% faster.
  • Restoration: Completely restores the tower of the selected province.
  • Sabotage: Captures the entire country for 60 seconds. Can be interrupted by other enemy abilities.
  • Headquarters: Builds a headquarters in the captured province. Automatically attacks and captures neighboring provinces. The headquarters also controls neighboring attack towers.
  • Hold: Prohibits the actions of any other player in the selected country for 60 seconds.
  • Surplus: Gives 1 СоС per minute.
  • Tactical: Reduces the capture time by 3%.
  • Buzz: Automatically protects the player's provinces and attacks surrounding neutral provinces.

Is Clash of Coins safe?

As with all the most famous and popular Blockchain-based Play-To-Earn games, its NFT structure is based on Ethereum and Binance networks, guaranteeing the total security of NFT transactions and cryptocurrencies obtained.

Join Clash of Coins now and become a pro strategist by expanding your domains through this ambitious Blockchain MMORTS. And if you also want to manage NFT assets taking advantage of your hours of play you can get great benefits.



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