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How to play Duck Life?

This is the first Duck Life game, where you have a huge farm and earn a lot of money, but one day a tornado comes and destroys everything. The only thing that survives is a duck egg.

Your mission is to train this duckling to become a racing duck and earn enough money to rebuild the farm.

Duck Life started as a simple Flash game. Over time, it became a huge hit and spawned numerous sequels.

How to play Duck Life?

Duck Life is a very easy to understand game. To win the game, you must beat other ducks in a series of races, but before you get there, you have to train your three skills: running, flying and swimming. For each of the training categories, there is a mini-game that you play to increase your skill level.

For the running training, you simply have to press space to jump over the balls that roll towards you. For flight training, use the left arrow to fly up and the right arrow to fly down. Go as far as possible and collect as many coins as you can before the time runs out. Finally, the swimming training is the most complex. While swimming in a body of water, you will encounter many obstacles. They can be rocks, islands, boats, ships, boats and even icebergs. Depending on the obstacle, you will have to jump over it or swim under it.

There are other things you should keep in mind before you start racing. First of all, you have to make sure you have a high energy level, otherwise your duckling might collapse! Feed your duck with super energy energy seeds (the purple ones) to make it stronger. You have to buy them in the store with coins, which are earned through mini-games and winning races.

How to customize your duck:

If you have enough coins saved in your bank, you can choose to customize your duck and make it unique. You can change its color to a vibrant red or a cool blue. Put a hat on your duck for extra style, from a ridiculous propeller hat to purple spiky hair.

Do I need Flash to play Duck Life?

No, Adobe Flash Player is no longer required to play Duck Life and its sequels. Play all Duck Life games without flash for free at

Who created Duck Life?

Wix Games developed this fun management game on February 28, 2010, also known as Duck Life: Origin or Duck Life 1.

Enjoy the most popular duck on the internet!

Duck Life can be also found in these platforms:

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