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How to play Uland?

Uland is a Play-To-Earn game where players buy states, countries, provinces or cities to trade through NFT using Blockchain technology.

It is the first cryptographic project where virtual NFT land is allocated to real countries, states and cities combined with the use of $ULAND currency to create an own, organic and secure economy through which Ulanders (the players) can trade and profit.

How to play Uland?

The objective of Uland is to become the ruler of any country in the world (or king, queen, president... The player decides). Once the territory is acquired, it becomes an in-game NFT asset. This NFT is owned by the player forever unless he decides to sell it for a large profit.

In addition, when selling a state or country, the sales of cities or regions in it produce benefits to the previous owner (you, as the player) through Distribution Rewards. On the other hand, Uland uses its own currency known as $ULAND; for each purchase or sale of its own token, players receive a percentage of the transaction according to the land and population it owns.

In addition, and in order to grow Uland's economy, a percentage of all purchases and sales of NFT and $ULAND tokens are transferred to Locked Liquidity, thus boosting the game's own economy.

Characteristics of the Uland ecosystem

The Uland metaverse has its own ecosystem that continuously feeds back through NFT assets in the form of lands, countries and states and $ULAND tokens. Accumulate so-called Land NFT (NFT lands or regions) and get hold of assets of all types such as countries, states, provinces and cities to buy and sell.

How does the buying and selling of land work?

The countries on the Uland world map are the only land assets for sale. States/provinces will start to be released once the supply of countries is exhausted. Similarly, cities will be offered when states/provinces run out.

For example, countries such as the United States, China or India will have a higher value than others such as Liechtenstein, Estonia or Switzerland, for example. All this because of the land/regional and population potential of each of them. In addition, it is not convenient to forget the inflation of the countries and their increasing value, as in real life.

Is Uland safe?

Uland NFT is based on $ULAND tokens, a token created for the game that offers regular investment opportunities and BEP-20 liquidity. In addition, thanks to the so-called $ULAND Airdrop Pool, token rewards are offered to all holders of NFT assets in the form of land.

Uland NFT tokens are based on the Blockchain Binance Smatr Chain (BSC) network, offering guaranteed protection and ownership of NFTs and transactions. Simply connect the user's virtual wallet to the MetaMask network and start playing with NFT transactions.

Join the Uland metaverse now, start buying countries, regions or cities and expand your domain around the world through the most valuable NFT transactions! Buy and/or sell at the right time to make great profits and invest in new transactions to keep growing in the Uland Blockchain universe.



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