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How to play Dinosaur Game?

Your mission in the dinosaur game, dinosaur game or dino game is to move forward without stopping to get as far as possible while avoiding obstacles on the way.

Our T-Rex runs towards the right side of the screen and we must help him to overcome the obstacles so that he does not stumble. There are two types of obstacles: cacti and pterosaurs (or flying dinosaurs). While the former vary slightly in size and depth, the latter fly at different heights. To overcome these obstacles we have two movements: crouch (arrow down on the keyboard) and jump (arrow up or space bar). To start the action, we must jump.

As we advance, the speed of the dinosaur game will increase (and with it the difficulty). The challenge is to achieve higher and higher scores.

History of the Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game saw the light of day on September 6, 2014. Its main developers were Sebastien Gabriel, Alan Bettes and Edward Jung. The idea behind this simple and friendly side-scrolling game was none other than to liven up those periods of time when the network remained down. Once the Google homepage detected the failure, the Google dinosaur appeared. The surprising and undeniable success of the application made the company give the option of being able to enjoy it even with the network (in an attached page).

Cheats for Dinosaur Game

Obviously, the main difficulty lies in increasing the running speed of our T-Rex. And, although this is a game in which reflexes are decisive, there are some automatisms that we can develop to improve:

  • Don't fix your eyes on the character or on the obstacles, but on a point in between.
  • Do not lose concentration or take your eyes off the screen.
  • Learn to measure how far from the obstacles you should jump when you go at the highest speed.

Dinosaur game: heir to a classic genre

If you like to enjoy the typical arcade games that populated the arcades during the 80's, you will surely remember classics like Final Fight or Super Mario Bros. All of them, with the particularity of their premises, proposed the player to advance to the right of the screen leaving behind various obstacles. Our dinosaur game is heir to all of them.

Other Dinosaur Games

Besides the classic Dinosaur Game you can test your skills playing other dinosaur games such as: T-Rex Run 3D, Dinosaurs Merge Master, Dino Run: Escape Extinction!, Rio Rex or Cyberdino T-Rex vs Robots.

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