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How to play Chrome Dino?

The Google dinosaur game (or google dinosaur game) consists of avoiding obstacles and getting as many points as possible. We play a T-Rex that gallops through an eternal esplanade, each time at a higher speed. On our way we will cross cacti (of greater or lesser height and depth) and flying dinosaurs (at different heights). The faster we run, the more difficult it will be to foresee the obstacles and react in time, thus increasing the difficulty. There are two ways to dodge: jumping and crouching. Crouching is only useful to avoid the pterosaurs that fly at medium height (which can also be avoided by jumping).
To start your game of google dinosaur, press the up key. Also, press up (or space bar) to jump and down to crouch using the arrow keys.

How long does the google dinosaur game last.

It seems that the google dinosaurs are a real handful, as they have a really long life expectancy. The software was programmed with a limit of 17 million years per game (a nice reference to the period that Tyrannosaurus rex is believed to have lived on Earth).
So, Chrome Dino works, in this sense, in a similar way to other classics of the genre, such as Pacman or Tetris. Play until your Google Dinosaur is eliminated or you get bored, and always try to beat your best score up to that point. As a curiosity, during the games you can see a day/night cycle, similar to Google's own dark mode.

When the Google dinosaur was first released.

It was designed by a team formed by Sebastien Gabriel, Alan Bettes and Edward Jung. The original idea behind the creation of the Google dinosaur was to help Internet users cope better with the frustration of a network outage. Thus, the game would be available every time they were in the browser and it would detect the crash. It was released on September 6, 2014. Eventually, and due to the great success of the application, Google Dinosaur could be played on its own page and even with the network active.

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