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Adventure awaits you with our escape games. Solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, try to get in, try to get out... all the excitement of free escape games is in Miniplay.

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Live thousands of exciting stories and adventures with the best escape games in Miniplay. Stay calm, think through your strategy and do your best to escape. Don't lose your mind and escape from a 19th century mental hospital, or try to get out of the terrifying surgery clinic you are trapped in. You'll also find yourself trapped in a castle on a scary Halloween night, or every student's worst nightmare: getting stuck in school! Some of the most exciting online escape games on the Internet, including the acclaimed Cube Escape, Bootham, Escaping the Prison, Breaking the Bank, or Home Story 1971, Fleeing the Complex. The funniest characters try to get in or out of amazing places: join pandas captured by pirates, or monkeys in Monkey GO Happy. Solve the mysteries and complete the levels and tests that will allow you to reach the desired freedom. But not all escape games are the same: you have to get in too! Rob a bank and skip the security rules, and get your hands on the loot. When you do, don't worry about that diamond you got, or that safe full of money you found. At Miniplay, you will only find free escape games, we also bring you a selection of point and click games. You will find the classic prison escape games, room escape games, item search games, house escape games... but there is also news and we bring you new escape games that will allow you to test your skills with new adventures and mysteries to solve. What are you waiting for to find your favorite free escape game? We know that sometimes it's not easy to escape... and we have escape games with solutions. A clue never hurts, a little help, a little push. Don't worry, and ask for help when you hit a dead end. We've come to Miniplay to have fun. Test yourself with the best Miniplay for escape and turn the puzzle around. Escape the room, find freedom and say goodbye to your evil captors. Enjoy the best free online escape games we bring you and be careful... because when you try one, you'll want to get caught up in the next!