Animal DNA Run

Animal DNA Run

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How to play Animal DNA Run?

Get ready to combine the DNA of the most ruthless wild and prehistoric animals in the game Animal DNA Run and manage to dodge an infinite path full of obstacles while collecting the genetic information of some animals and using it to your advantage.

Fly over dangers with the help of the wings of a pterodactyl, cross immense oceans with the help of a bloodthirsty shark, demolish barriers of armed enemies thanks to the strength of a triceratops and combine all their incredible abilities thanks to the DNA fragments you get along the way. If you give him the DNA of an eagle, the tiger will grow wings and will be able to overcome the deep abyss that awaits him along the way. Drag the different animals in the laboratory, test your incredible creativity and do your best to overcome the numerous exciting paths that will be waiting for you in this disturbing and addictive racing game. Have fun!

Who created Animal DNA Run?

This game was developed by Andrey Melnikov.

Animal DNA Run can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE

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