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Are you ready for four-wheel speed? Get your car, truck or bike ready, and don't let anyone beat you in the fastest and most slippery online racing games - start the engine and step on the gas!

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When driving on the road, you must avoid distractions, drive carefully and anticipate dangers. But in racing games, things change: the rules of the road become fuzzy and you can allow yourself certain freedoms that would be unthinkable in real life, such as smashing your opponents' cars, overtaking on the right or braking in the middle of the road for no apparent reason. The asphalt becomes yours, and you can do whatever you want on it. However, in these races, you don't just risk first place and a reputation with your friends. Sometimes, there are other kinds of prizes involved: money, new cars, more complicated race tracks... If you want to find out, you'll have to win them all. That's why at Miniplay we bring you as many online racing games as you can imagine. They are super addictive! Browse all the free racing games on our site and choose the challenge you like best. Compete alone, or challenge your friends to see who makes the best score. Just don't forget to buckle up or put on your bike helmet, because there are car racing games, motorcycle racing games, and you're going to reach dangerous speeds! Let the Miniplay gaming community advise you and don't miss the most successful online racing games: Super Mario Kart, Grand Racer, Racing Movie Cars, Bike Ride, Formula Online, Moto Xtrem CS, Drift Racer and many more. Find your favorite mode and compete to be the first. From racing car games, Mario Bros. racing games, to racing sponge bob games, and of course, Mario Kart racing games. And don't forget about truck racing games. Don't think twice about becoming the asphalt king of racing Miniplay. Enjoy speed and competition, live the thrill of the chequered flag descent with the best online racing games. Prove that you are the number one driver, or the most intrepid driver in town, by competing with experts on the track. Start the engine, press the clutch, get the throttle ready... and may the best man win!