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How to play Dinoland?

Dinoland is a straightforward NFT game that offers you a unique opportunity to win real money while you play.

What is Dinoland all about?

Although the dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago, in the current age of mankind there is evidence that there are unexplored lands that are home to prehistoric life. And there is a land totally separate from the world that cannot be reached or seen with slowly hatching dinosaur eggs. It's called Dinoland.

Your goal is to train your dinosaur to be the strongest and defeat the so-called Darkie Monsters, dark creatures that threaten Dinoland.

How to get dinosaurs?

To get dinosaurs you must first find their eggs, which take 6 hours to hatch. There are 3 kinds of eggs and 1 random lucky egg:

  • Novis Eggs: Red in color with Fire power, they belong to the Novis species.
  • Aquis Eggs: Blue with Water power, they belong to the Aquis species.
  • Terros Eggs: Green in color with the power of Trees, they belong to the Terros species.
  • Lottery Eggs: Hatch randomly one of the three previous species, they have more chances to get a Dino of great rarity.

After hatching, they can fight against Darkie Monsters, although they will need 7 days to become a mature Dino to be able to Love.

In addition to randomly obtaining eggs, Dinoland also offers the possibility to buy eggs of specific species in the Dinoland NFT Marketplace.

How to play Dinoland?

Dinoland is structured in 4 phases, which are:

  • Obtaining Dino Eggs.
  • Fight and train to obtain DNL, the game's own currency.
  • Match your Dinoz to obtain new eggs.
  • Defeat Darkie Monsters to get more DNL.

How to earn money with Dinoland?

Train your Dinoz to defeat Darkie Monsters or other Dinoland players. If you win fights, you can claim your DNL rewards. You can also make transactions in the Dinoland marketplace to speed up your progress.

Both combat and egg farming are the most important aspects of Dinoland. So much so, that as you spend time playing and breeding your Dinoz, you will generate DNL tokens that you can invest to strengthen your Dinoz and stand out from the rest.

Dinoland Combat Events

In Dinoland there are different combat events against Darkie Monsters. There are three types of Darkie Monsters:

  • Generic Darkie Monsters: Small monsters that protect the outer perimeter of the monster army.
  • BORUS - Black Leader: More powerful than the generic monsters, they appear less often.
  • ZAYN - King Darkie: The strongest enemy in Dinoland. He can only be defeated by several Dinoz working together and only appears on weekends.

The combat events in Dinoland are:

  • Darkie Monster Gang.
  • Regular training: Defeat the Darkie monsters.
  • Sudden Time: Encounter the Black Leader.
  • Weekly event: Challenge Monster King.

Train your Dinoz to defeat Darkie Monsters or other players. Win and claim your DNL rewards. Play to win.


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