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How to play Dino Domination?

Dinosaurs are your passion and you've always wanted to see them in action? Then Dino Domination is the game for you! Enjoy this unparalleled adventure where you can feel the thrill of controlling some of the world's fiercest predators and help them feed as they struggle to survive and evolve into the fiercest race of dinosaurs the earth has ever seen.

Run around, devour eggs, plants or your creature's favorite food, fight against dinosaurs smaller and weaker than you, select your favorite qualities as you progress and protect your life from the attack of other fierce predators. Will you succeed in unlocking Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Diplodocus and many other races of dinosaurs? Diplodocus and many more races to become a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Who has created Dino Domination?

This game has been developed by Yso Corp

Dino Domination can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE


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