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They're dead, but they're also alive. They bite, they're looking for you. Play the best zombie games online for free. Be careful not to become one of them, because... in Miniplay we have many! (Including the famous Plants Vs Zombies) Discover the best free online games on Miniplay.

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Zombie Games

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They're everywhere, they're the living dead, they're hungry and they're coming for you. The zombie games have arrived at Miniplay! Enjoy great classics of the genre and the funniest zombie killing games on the internet. Defend your town or other fellow zombies from becoming a zombie. Don't let the curse get to them! Plants vs Zombies, Dead Rising, Call of Zombies, Braains.io, Zombies vs Brains and many more free zombie games full of risk and excitement. Set your plan and put it into action in the zombie strategy games. Don't let the crisis come to your city and survive. Don't let zombies invade your garden and use your plants to keep them at bay. Plant the sunflowers that will provide you with extra light, zombies won't like it! Plants vs Zombies and its many variations is a tremendously addictive game that you can't get rid of. And if you're a team player, you can't miss the zombie multiplayer games: survive the waves of zombies wandering around the city and don't let disaster catch up with you. In Miniplay you will not only find zombie games where your goal is to finish them off... What if zombies aren't the enemy? Become one of the thousands of zombies that ravage the city and go for the humans! Zombie apocalypse games are played on both sides in Miniplay. Join the best online zombie games on Miniplay and fight against them, or join their ranks. Discover all kinds of graphics and stories in the most fun 2d zombie games. Run in a hurry, or hide in the most unlikely places to catch up with your aim. Arm yourself with courage, grab your weapons and relive your favorite horror and action movies by playing for free on Miniplay. All the characters, stories and chances of survival are here. Don't miss them!