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How to play Plants Vs Zombies?

We couldn't miss a new classic in Minigames. The best online games are free in Minijuegos, and Plants vs Zombies couldn't miss it. Still haven't finished it? Enjoy Plants Vs Zombies, the most famous tower defense video game in the world. Place different types of plants with different characteristics on the stage in order to stop the wave of zombies.

The premise is as simple as it is attractive: do everything possible to stop the zombies from going through the garden and reaching the house. To do this, you'll have a very original defense: a large variety of mutant plants. Some of them bite and others shoot lethal peas (normal or even frozen). You can even plant the path with large nuts that entertain the enemies while your other plants shoot at them. Or mine-plants that explode at the slightest touch. But, for your plants to grow, you will need time and sun. How to get more sun? By growing sunflowers.

As you pass levels you will unlock new crops and tools. Some of them, as useful as the shovel, that will allow you to rectify a sowing that you now consider wrong. Develop your strategy and overcome the various waves to win the level. When the bar reaches zero, you will have succeeded.

And, what is it for... in Plants Vs. Zombies?

There is nothing like playing plants vs zombies, you know that. But... do you know what each thing is for?

1. The zen garden

Actually, zen garden is not a plant at all, but a more relaxed game mode, which focuses on growing sprouts and not on eliminating enemies.

2. The bacon

This item can appear in the adventure mode after the first few levels. You can sell it and get a large number of coins.

3. The hypnoseta

Unlike normal mushrooms, you will want the zombie on duty to devour this hallucinogenic mushroom, because he will go crazy and attack his own companions. Great!

4. The water lily

In the aquatic levels, it will serve as a base to plant land plants and thus improve or diversify your defenses.

Who is the creator of Plants Vs Zombies?

The successful video game and mass phenomenon that is Plants vs Zombies was developed by PopCap Games and launched in May 2009. You still haven't played Plants vs Zombies by now, so what are you waiting for? Join the millions of people around the world who have already enjoyed it.

What to play after Plants Vs. Zombies

Of course, the first thing you have to try is the next one, Plants Vs. Zombies 2, also in Minigames. And also, try to play Plants Vs. Zombies TD or TD2 or the Survival version.

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