Fallout: Surviving in the Wasteland

Fallout: Surviving in the Wasteland

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How to play Fallout: Surviving in the Wasteland?

It's time to enjoy the big time in the world of Fallout: Surviving in the Wasteland! Decades after a dangerous virus, deadly for most of the population and unprecedented, left the world plunged into the most absolute apocalypse, our protagonist has decided to gather courage to eradicate the strain that changed everything. Are you ready to help one of the last survivors to find a solution while overcoming all sorts of challenges and dangerous battles against sinister creatures?

Will you manage to survive hundreds of missions while solving complex puzzles, collecting useful resources and catching medical kits that will provide you with a cure whenever you fall ill? All kinds of adventures, dangers, inhospitable locations and unimaginable challenges await you that only you will be able to overcome alive. Enjoy unexpected twists and turns, become a unique sniper and do your best to find the cure that will lead humanity to salvation. Good luck!

Who created Fallout: Surviving in the Wasteland?

This game was developed by Silly Games.

  • MOVE
  • AIM
  • e PUNCH
  • r RELOAD
  • f CURAR
  • q ARMAS


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