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Plants vs Zombies Travel

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How to play Plants vs Zombies Travel?

Plants Vs Zombies Travel is a FanGame of Plants Vs Zombies 2, featuring a new world with new levels, zombies, and plants.

This version offers a new narrative twist to the classic tower defense game(Plants Vs Zombies), in which players use various plants to defend against waves of zombies. The game introduces new scenarios and plants, along with a unique storyline that sets it apart from the original titles. Combining well-loved gameplay mechanics with innovative story elements, Travel Nostalgic Mirage offers both new fans and veterans of the franchise an intriguing new world to explore, while maintaining the charm and strategic depth the series is known for.

Who created Plants vs Zombies Travel?

Plants vs Zombies: Travel Nostalgic Mirage is a fan-made installment of the popular Plants Vs Zombies series, created by the JiangNanGame student group with the collaboration of international enthusiasts.



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