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Are you a cowboy chasing bandits, or a character from a post-apocalyptic world? Are you a marksman? Don't forget your gun to be the boss in our online gun games. Aim... shoot... fire!

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Don't look for more gun games: in Miniplay we have the best! Defy all possible laws and survive the most exciting shoot-outs. Choose your gun and don't think twice. Are you a good shot? Challenge other players in our multiplayer gun games. Other intrepid players are crouching waiting for the right moment, so be on the lookout and don't let them see you. Online gun games don't get boring - pay attention and test your aim! Don't let the bullet brush against you in our shooting games. Among the most played online gun games by the Miniplay community you will find Hitstick 5, Divine Intervention, Gun Blood, Hellvolution, Gangster War, and Counter Force among many others. You will be able to try out many weapons, and train your aim from underground, or in daylight shootings, in the far west, or in an imaginary city. Try all the variants of the best gun and weapons games: Shooting games, sniper games, machine gun games and all kinds of games where the bullets are the protagonists. Whether you are chasing bandits in the far west or there are enemies ready to destroy your city in a post-apocalyptic world, or you need to train your aim, gun games are pure adrenaline. Draw and test a multitude of firearms, from machine guns, revolvers, automatic and semi-automatic pistols, and more. Check that they are loaded, get your bullets and start playing! Don't miss out on the best selection of gunnery games and take out the sniper in you. The most fearsome gangsters, cowboys, warriors, infiltrators, sheriffs, secret agents and weapons specialists are waiting for you in Miniplay. Draw your gun and attack your enemy, conduct research and enjoy all the action that gun games entail. From 3d gun game graphics, to retro aesthetics, all shooting modes and games are here. Online shooting games also have many game modes: first-person view, war scenarios or fantasy situations, terrorist enemies or undead, aliens, futuristic cities, revenge stories or unlikely places, you choose the game mode. Live thousands of adventures with Miniplay and don't let your guard down!