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How to play Melon Sandbox?

Get ready to let your imagination run wild with a wide range of items available in the game Melon Sandbox! Are you ready to use all sorts of objects as you organize and participate in obstacle courses aboard armored vehicles?

Use guns, barrels, machine guns, dynamite, swords, all kinds of ammunition and even experiment with magic syringes and see what happens to the characters - you can save your creations and share them with the community! Your imagination is the key to enjoy the endless possibilities offered by this curious game. Drag and drop elements on the playing field, change the size, textures and colors, adjust the decoration to your liking, and use elements to create the most exciting environments and scenarios while destroying everything that gets in your way.

What is Melon Sandbox and what is its main objective?

Let's say that Melon Sandbox game combines elements of creation, experimentation and ragdoll simulation. Thanks to it you will be able to generate your own war scenes, fully customizable. Do you want to face 4, 6 or 12 enemies? With bombs, bladed weapons or assault rifles? Between barrels or brick houses? Dressed as ballerinas or as medieval knights? Aboard a military vehicle or an electric scooter?
Experiment with the effects of all kinds of weapons and utensils on the characters or the furniture and see what exactly happens. The sky is the limit.

How to play Melon Sandbox online?

Start by choosing one of the default scenarios, the one that best suits the scene you want to develop. Then, navigate through the menus (top left of the screen) and the available tools (bottom right) to familiarize yourself with the wide range of possibilities. Then set up the scene, place your characters, equip them with weapons and clothes... and shoot, detonate, set fire... Have fun!

What features and tools does Melon Sandbox offer for the creation of scenarios?

You should know that you can delete elements with the eraser tool or activate them by double-clicking on them. Also, you can stop physics temporarily to edit without affecting your characters.
You have five types of characters (mobile), bladed weapons, firearms, explosives, biological weapons, clothing and armor, mechanical devices, vehicles, medicines and furniture.

Is Melon Sandbox suitable for all ages?

Since it can generate quite violent scenes, Melon Sandbox play is generally recommended for users over twelve years of age. However, it lacks other sensitive elements, such as foul language or nudity.

How can I share my creations in Melon Sandbox with other players?

There are two main options. The first is to capture in image or video the scenes you have created in your recent game. The second has to do with editing and creating mods for the game, an option that you can access from the main menu. Unleash your creativity and share it with users from all over the world so that they can also enjoy it. Enjoy, also, the creations of the community.

Who created Melon Sandbox?

Melon Sandbox game has been developed by Payge Ltd. and, seeing the light for systems such as Android and IOS during the month of August 2021. It shares universe and essential features with another game from the same developers: Melon Playground.

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