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How to play 1v1 LOL?

Fun version of Fortnite! Arm yourself with courage and control a tough soldier in armor in a great battle for survival in a world full of platforms, obstacles and dozens of enemies, a Battle Royal type game. Will you manage to become the last survivor?

Tricks to play 1v1 lol.

First of all, you should be clear about how the controls work in 1v1 lol free:

  • Right mouse key for aiming.
  • Left mouse key to shoot. W, A, S, and D keys to move, respectively, forward, left, right and backward.
  • Space bar key to jump.
  • Left shift key (under Caps Lock/Shift) to crouch.
  • F keys (F1 to F5) to select the weapon.
  • Z, X, C and V keys to change the construction platform. Y R key to rotate the platform.
  • G and E keys to form a door and to open it.
  • Memorize these combinations, because your actions must be fast and precise on the battlefield.

Memorize these combinations, as your actions must be fast and precise on the battlefield.

Do you want tips to improve in 1v1 lol?

Keep in mind that you must always adapt to the pace of the game, which can be frenetic at times. Lack of concentration, or late or wrong decision making, are usually penalized with elimination. Learn to read the map, obtaining advantageous positions and using the cover and fast connections that the environment offers you. Likewise, never completely lose track of the location of enemies in the scenario. And when you are looking for an elimination, try to approach from behind the opponent's back and take advantage of obstacles to hide and protect your rear.

Finally, discover the capabilities of each weapon and play according to the possibilities it offers you. While a sniper requires patience and distance, a pistol will require short distances to be effective. And an assault rifle offers advantages in case of a surprise encounter.

Who created 1v1 lol?

1v1 lol has been created and edited by the developer JustPlay.Lol, from whom it currently gets support and constant updates. A very young studio (founded in 2018 by Boris and Lior Alterman), whose headquarters is located in the Sapir Building in Ramat Gan (Israel). 1v1 lol has been seeing the light on the different platforms (web browsers, Android, Microsoft Windows, Steam and IOS) since the end of 2019. While 1v1 lol online is the company's flagship, it has recently marketed a fun Ultimate Multiplayer Knockout Royale christened Just Fall Lol.

  • MOVE
  • JUMP
  • f HACHA
  • 1
  • 2 ARMAS
  • z -
  • x -
  • c -

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