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Neverending fun is guaranteed with our Fighting Games! The best fighting free games are waiting for you at Miniplay, so 3... 2... 1... play! Know our Weapon Games, Street Fighter Games and Spartan Games, choose between lots of games and press play!

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Violence is not the way to solve problems... Except in video games! In the virtual world you can literally do whatever you want, and the consequences are completely non-existent. So thanks to our fighting games, you can let off steam and unleash your fury in fights and battles with some of your favourite characters. Wrestling, death fights, fantasy fights - anything goes in these matches. The best thing about our fighting games is that we have all the classic characters from your favorite shows: Adventure Time, Spider-Man, Dragon Ball, Super Mario... In other words, all those characters that remind you of the adventures you used to watch on TV, and that you can now play to beat up your enemies and show them who's boss. You can also challenge and fight your friends and acquaintances to prove to everyone that you're in charge. Show no mercy, put on your boxing gloves and start punching so that no enemy is left standing.