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How to play Toca Life World?

Toca Life World will make you enjoy like never before a unique app full of adventures where you can create your own world and live the funniest stories. Play the game console, go to the hairdresser, make the night fall suddenly, water the plants, meet friends for a fun evening and even flush things down the toilet! You can even take your pet to school if you choose. Practically anything is possible in this amazing world - are you ready to have fun?

Create the most amazing stories with a total of 39 different free characters and enjoy 8 unique locations while living the life you've always dreamed of! Plus, as you progress, you'll unlock weekly gifts and increase your savings by purchasing over 100 new locations, 500 new characters and 500 new pets. Everything you dream of can be brought to life in this amazing simulation game, and you'll be able to enjoy all the adventures you can think of!

Who created Toca Life World?

This game was developed by Toca Boca.

Toca Life World can be also found in these platforms:


Minitorneos, chat & make friends


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