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In the Mahjong games category you can find different versions of this popular Chinese game, from the most classic game modes, to modern variants of the game that include different settings and characters, like Yu-Gi-Oh or Naruto. We even have a version inspired by ancient Egypt! Mahjong is a game of pairs of Chinese origin, from where it was exported to the rest of the world back in 1920. In the beginning Mahjong games were simple card games, but over time they have been modernized, first to a board game with chips and later to a video game, until they became a classic of the arcade games. This game has come a long way, considering that the first versions date back thousands of years, when the Chinese already used similar boards to record the movements of the stars in the sky. In fact, there are those who claim that it was Confucius himself who invented it, as well as it is believed that it could have been the precursor of other board games such as goose or parcheesi. Regardless of its origin, the truth is that nowadays you can enjoy this popular classic from anywhere in the world and on any device thanks to online Mahjong games like the ones you can find in this section. In the table version of this game, you need 4 players, 144 tiles and of course the game board, but here you will only need the internet and your own intelligence to complete the game and become a true Mahjong champion. All you have to do is select your pairs and we'll take care of the rest, from organizing the tiles on the board to the music to set the mood.

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