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How to play RetroCade?

RetroCade is a Play To Earn style game where you get rewards as you play and stay in it. A token rewarded gaming experience that recaptures the style of arcade games from the 80's and 90's to bring it to the blockchain via P2E.

Every 3 months a new game will be added to RetroCade's library of Play To Earn games to give players that old-timey feeling of walking around their neighborhood arcade surrounded by your favorite arcade machines.

RetroCade offers the feeling of sitting in front of your favorite arcade, putting in a coin and hitting the start button; the next step is enjoyment. With RetroCade, you can recapture that same feeling. Reach the high scores, have fun and win prizes just like you would in the arcades of your childhood.

RetroCade Basics

RetroCade is based on three basic pillars:

  • Play: RetroCade tokens represent access to all the games in its own ecosystem, providing the keys to participate to all the games on the platform. The first game available is Burger Time.
  • Earn: RetroCade's Play To Earn rewards are awarded after each Top Ranking of players, ranked lists that are divided into Top 3, Top 10 and Top 100.
  • Decide: RetroCade token users decide which new games are added and how their rewards are divided.

How to play RetroCade?

The Burger Time game invites you to complete a set number of burgers while controlling Mr. Chef and dodging enemies in the form of food. As we complete the ingredients of the burger, we progress through each level until we complete it.

The enemies to dodge are Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle and Mr . Egg; we can earn extra points by crushing the enemies or dropping ingredients while they are on him. For each enemy defeated we earn bonus points, up to a total of six worlds. After finishing the worlds, the cycle repeats.

RetroCade Rewards

The rewards in RetroCade are divided into two groups:

  • Sustained rewards: 7% of the volume generated in RetroCade (purchases/sales/trades) are converted to BUSD which are automatically sent to the game holders. The frequency of rewards are based on the volume of tokens. The more tokens earned, the more BUSD you will receive from the overall performance.
  • P2E Rewards: Play To Earn rewards are also paid out in BUSD. These are automatically sent to players after each season or monthly Top 10 period. There are two methods of earning BUSD through the Play To Earn system: Weekly Seasons and Monthly Top 10.

The monthly Top 100 rewards are:

  • #1: 18,75$
  • #2: 12,50$
  • #3: 10,00$
  • #4 - #10: $5.00 each
  • #11 - #50: $2.50 each
  • 51 - #100: $1.25 each

How to buy RetroCade tokens?

RetroCade has its own marketplace where players can purchase their tokens through the following link to start playing and generate more rewards.

Join RetroCade to play the most fun and challenging retro games and get the best scores to earn great rewards.



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