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How to play CoinToFish?

CoinToFish (CTF) is a Play To Earn fishing game, where you can earn sea creatures to directly participate in the self-sustaining economy of the CTFT token.

CoinToFish will become the first maritime game able to bring together features of current NFT games, enhance them and add a unique twist.

The game runs on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network which will ensure that transaction costs will be very low.

In order to play CoinToFish, you will have to connect your metamask wallet 🦊. In this link we show you how to connect your account.

Once you have connected your metamask wallet 🦊 with the CoinToFish site, you will only need to obtain fish to be able to perform the various CTF functions.

Players will be able to buy 🥚 eggs in your shop. Depending on the game you will have a different percentage of obtaining fish with different rarities.

What is the price of CoinToFish eggs in the marketplace?

  • Normal egg: 3500 corals.
  • Rare egg: 7500 corals.

How to buy eggs in CoinToFish?

The first thing you should know is that your CTFT token will be listed in pancakeswap from September 30th. To gain access before that you will have to buy eggs and food in the pre-sale.

  • Step 1: Go to the CoinToFish page.
  • Step 2: Click on the button "Shop".
  • Step 3: Buy the egg you want, remember that depending on the egg you buy you will have a different percentage of getting a better rarity. And now you just have to open the egg, may luck be with you!

What can you do in the CoinToFish marketplace?

  • You can sell your fish by listing them for someone else to buy.
  • You can buy fish from someone else so you can start making money.

Within the marketplace there are tools that will make it easier for you to find fish:

  • Filter by rarity
  • Filter by level
  • Filter by chroma
  • Filter by price
  • Filter by identifier

The cost for listing your fish on the marketplace will be 1% of the price you set, and 20 corals for removing it from the marketplace. Once the fish is sold, a part of it will go to burning tokens.

In CoinToFish there is a PVP system that will be one more way to earn corals.

How long does it take for the Corals you buy at CoinToFish to arrive?

Normally it usually takes between 30-60 seconds, although it can take longer in certain cases, but don't worry, we have systems that will send your purchase 100%, so you can be calm and enjoy them in the game.

How often do I have to feed my fish in CoinToFish?

The fish will need to eat once every 4 hours. This can accumulate up to 2 times. However, fish that have a higher rarity will need more food to fill up.

Is CoinToFish a scam?

Regarding the world of NFT games there have been several that turned out to be scams, but behind CTF there is a great team that will give you constant updates to prove the seriousness of this project.



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