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How to play Super Mario 64?

Explore the Mushroom Kingdom with our favorite plumber in Super Mario 64 with mind-blowing 3D graphics!
Princess Peach has invited you to share a special moment in her castle, but the evil Bowser has arrived to ruin the celebration. The villain has used the power of the stars to imprison Peach and her servants. Now, your mission is to help Mario find these stars in the different worlds to save the princess from her prison. With each recovered star you will gain access to new parts of the castle until you can face Bowser and free your beloved Peach from her captivity.
You will explore every corner of the castle and magical worlds to recover all the stars and defeat Bowser. To succeed in this adventure, you must prove your courage and cunning and defeat all the enemies that stand in your way. Enjoy a unique experience as you guide Mario through an incredible world full of magic.

History of Super Mario 64

The delivery marked a before and after in the history of video games. A proposal that updated the saga, maintaining recognizable aspects and implementing many new features.
It revolutionized the platform genre by introducing the concept of an open world to explore with great freedom. It made the leap to a fully 3D environment and took advantage of all its possibilities. And it reached the highest levels of the saga to date in terms of technical quality, ambition, duration, fun, diversity of scenarios and soundtrack.

Is it necessary to download Super Mario 64 rom?

To play Super Mario 64 online you don't need to download anything. It is as fast and simple as entering the application and it loads.
Are you going to stay without trying this classic? Or you can relive it if you already enjoyed it in its day.

Cheats to beat Super Mario 64

Each installment of the series, whether Super Mario Kart 64 or Super Mario 64 ds, has its own tricks. Super Mario 64 introduces a variety of new mechanics, in addition to the traditional jumping and punching. Now you will have double jump, triple jump, backward jump, long jump or wall jump.
You can choose to walk or run in all directions. And you can also crouch, crawl, swim or carry objects. But don't worry, because the game will guide you to discover each new skill little by little. The key lies in mastering them all progressively.

Learn to study the environment in detail and to take into account every possibility it offers you. Research, test and take initiative. Not only is this the key to mastering this game and taking Mario to his goal. But it's also... terrific fun!

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