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How to play Elemon?

Elemon is inspired by the mysterious and beautiful world of Elematris, its mission is to build a comprehensive digital monster platform that allows millions of people to participate in the NFT and blockchain based gaming world in a simple, creative and fun way. It's a place where you can enjoy a novel gaming experience and earn money at the same time.

Elemon has found a way to combine the world of blockchain-based gaming and NFT into a new generation concept and created a universe of unique digital creatures. By which it will make blockchain technology accessible to common consumers through these strategies;

  • Tokenization of digital creatures.
  • "Play to win" concept.
  • A consumer friendly, consumer based concept with a true passion for blockchain technology.
  • An open platform that welcomes users with different levels of technical expertise.
  • A revenue-based paradigm that can be sustained with the limitation of ELMON's value inflation.

What are the main features of Elemon?

  • First ecosystem that combines the best aspects of a PVP game and digital collectibles.
  • Evolutionary system.
  • PvP Arena rewards.
  • Quest and ranking system
  • Campaign rewards.

In the world of Elematris live thousands of Elemons with different skills and attributes.

Players will lead their Elemons to fight to restore world peace, as well as to win glory in battles with other players by organizing the right squad to increase the winning percentage. To own Elemons, you can summon Elemons with 3 options Basic, Advanced, Super, or you can buy Elemons that are sold in the Marketplace.

What are the properties of Elemons?

  • HP (Health Point)
  • P.Atk (Physical Attack)
  • M.Atk (Magic Attack)
  • P.Def (Physical Defense)
  • M.Def (Magic Defense)
  • Speed
  • Dodge
  • Crit (Critical Hit)

How many types of Elemons are there?

There are 18 types of Elemons to form a good squad:

  • Fire: Burns, burns health by % per turn after using the ability.
  • Water: Has a high HP.
  • Electric: Paralyzes, stuns the opponent.
  • Grass: Has the ability to heal.
  • Ice: Freeze, freeze resistance.
  • Fighting: Increases physical damage.
  • Poison: Poison % per turn after using the ability.
  • Earth: Multiple moves that deal a lot of damage.
  • Flying: Lots of dodge moves.
  • Psychic: Attack ability (reduces enemy's armor and magic resistance) and strange effects.
  • Bug: The most basic Elemon.
  • Rock: Counter freeze and will never be stunned.
  • Ghost: Many strange abilities, enchantment, hypnosis.
  • Dragon: The ability has no effect, but the damage is very high.
  • Dark: Strange attack, counteracts damage and weakens.
  • Steel: High defense.
  • Fairy: Auxiliary ability, low damage (reduces enemy's attack and increases your own).

There are three game modes in Elemon: IDLE Campaign, PvP Battle, World Boss.

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