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How to play Overlord?

In the early days of Earth, the rise of ethnic groups caused devastating wars. The land is divided into many territories with the leadership of prominent kings. They all want to break the balance and annex the remaining lands. As the power of the humans grew weaker and weaker, the kings turned to the help of the ancients, recruiting summoned beasts to accompany them in battle. From time to time, these kings regarded the accompanying pet as a symbol of victory whenever they went into battle.

After choosing a summoned pet, train it and have it accompany you to become the strongest lord and unify this land. A lot of surprises and challenges await you.

In Overlord you can be tough or agile, strong or tough, shield or sword. Build your character with your own personality and join us now!

What are the basic requirements to play Overlord?

Users must have access to the Internet and must set up a personal wallet on the Binance Smart Chain network in order to participate in the game. In addition, Overlord will launch the demo and the official version on the mobile platform first. Therefore, players should prepare a smartphone with sufficient configuration to experience Overlord in the most perfect way.

How to play Overlord?

To become a king and participate in the war for power, players must own at least one pet (PET). A PET can be owned by opening chests or by purchasing it directly from the LORD Marketplace. There is no limit to the number of pets each player can own.

How do I earn money with Overlord?

There are two types of tokens used in the Overlord system: The LORD token to be used in the web games (Farming and PvE-Fighting) and the OVL token to be used in the mobile game (PvP mode). After owning a PET, the player can join the fight immediately. Players can earn the LORD token through farming and fighting. In addition, players can earn OVL tokens by completing quests and challenges in the game. Players will participate in dramatic battles with other players to complete the challenge. There are 3 game modes for players to fight in: Solo, Survival and Deathmatch.

How many characters and pets are there in Overlord?

Players can start the game with 3 different characters. All characters can use 3 weapons: sword, staff and bow, which represent power, dexterity and accuracy. Together with a NFT support PET, your character will be a unique version. So far there are 10 different Pets, each with their different abilities.

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