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How to play Suika Game?

You may have seen streamers play what has been labeled as "Japan's hardest game," Suika Game, or also known in the West as Watermelon Game, a game where you must drop fruits to combine them in a 2048-like fashion until you run out of space.

The goal of Suika Game or Watermelon Game is to combine fruits until you reach the biggest one, the watermelon. It sounds simple, but it's not!

Why has Suika Game become so popular?

Suika Game in Spanish is one of the games that has become a trend nowadays. It has a modality similar to that of puzzles. It consists of merging fruits of the same type to obtain a bigger fruit until you reach the watermelon. The most challenging thing is that these combinations have to be made inside a small container, where the fruits are accumulated one on top of the other. Many streamers from different parts of the world are playing it every day. It ends up being very addictive because of how simple it is to understand and because it has some complication, but not to the point of frustrating you, but to the point of making you itch to play again and again to get a better score. Its simplicity and ability to stimulate the competitive spirit is what makes it the game of the moment.

Where can I play Suika game?

It is so famous that you even have it for the Switch platform. However, you can also play Suika game on pc here at Miniplay, it is important for you to know that you can have fun with Suika game online immediately, you will not have to download the game for your computer or laptop, nor worry about compatibility problems if you have Windows, Mac or Linux. And what's more, you can enjoy Suika game for free. There is no official app of the game for Android or iOS.

Cheats for Suika game online

In Suika game there are a few tips and tricks that can help you to improve your score. Some facts you should know before playing are:

  • Learn the correct order of evolution of the fruits.
  • Stack the big fruits on the bottom and the small ones on the top. And if possible, do not allow the small ones to reach the bottom when the container has more than half of the space occupied.
  • At the beginning of the game, when the container is empty, try to place each fruit next to the most immediate fruit it becomes when combined. This way, you will be able to make consecutive merges more easily thanks to the proximity.
  • Always plan your strategy carefully according to the next fruit you will get.

Who created Suika Game?

Aladdin X has developed this fun game. If you liked it, you can try: Suika Kittens, Suika Game: Watermelon, Suika Game: Fruit Merge, Suika Shapes, Suika Zoo Drop or Suika Anime Balls Mixer.

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