TapTap Heroes: Soul Origin

TapTap Heroes: Soul Origin

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How to play TapTap Heroes: Soul Origin?

TapTap Heroes: Soul Origin has reached our screens ready to test your skills as a fighter in a fun idle role-playing game where you must face the most bloodthirsty and dangerous opponents you can imagine.

The story takes place in the small kingdom of Mystia, where the queen of hell called Freya has discovered a powerful sacred sword that has the power to create and destroy everything it touches. But all the inhabitants of the forest wish to take possession of this magical object; from the elves to the undead, the sacred beings that inhabit the sky and above all the knights who defend the kingdom from evil. Will you be able to stop the evil Freya from carrying out her terrifying plans? Enjoy up to 200 different characters and get tons of rewards to enhance your gaming experience - good luck!

Who created TapTap Heroes: Soul Origin?

This game is developed by Ajoy Lab Games.

TapTap Heroes: Soul Origin can be also found in these platforms:



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