Heroine of the Sniper

Heroine of the Sniper

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How to play Heroine of the Sniper?

In the eyes of our brave protagonist the stars shine while deep in her heart the fire of vengeance lights up everything. Are you ready to lead the most feared sniper in the world to annihilate waves of targets with her magnificent pulse and amazing aim in the game Heroine of the Sniper?

Feel the power in your body as you lock on to your target ready to take them all down with a single shot! Hold your breath once you locate it, keep your pulse as steady as possible, and shoot without the slightest tremor - every little moment will be incredibly decisive! Are you ready to start the greatest adventure you've ever been lucky enough to take part in? Become a legend and live an unparalleled experience!

Who created Heroine of the Sniper?

This game is developed by TaburetkaGames.

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