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How to play Meli?

Meli is a Play-To-Earn game based on turn-based battles in which players compete against each other with their own NFT in the form of heroes, all as part of the same MELIverse.

Each of these NFT characters are called Melioras, each with their own characteristics and with which to participate in PvP (player vs. player) and PvE (player vs. game) battles. Winning battles earns rewards and increases your ranking, with the possibility of combining two NFTs to create a new unique NFT with special abilities.

Meli (from the Latin word Meliora, meaning "better"), bases its universe on the blockchain system to ensure the security of all its players' digital assets. The game offers combat, breeding and farming mechanics to improve and evolve NFT characters.

Meli's goal is to build a metaverse full of games and possibilities where any player can earn tokens through their hours of play and contributions to the ecosystem itself.

What universe is Meli set in?

Meli takes place in a fictional universe in the year 2148 where a new form of energy has been discovered deep in the Earth's core known as Meli. Meli energy can turn young female warriors into Meliora, an enhanced version with a mechanical body. But Meli energy has also attracted alien invaders seeking this new energy source. Fight for the future of your planet and earn money with your games!

What characters does Meli have?

Meli's NFT playable characters are called Meliora. Each of the NFT Meliora characters has six attributes that can be upgraded:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Magic
  • Armor
  • Speed

In addition, NFT characters can belong to three of the factions available in the game, called Alignments, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:

  • Resistance
  • The Katash
  • The Frontier

How does the Meli battle system work?

Meli's battles are turn-based, both in PvP and PvE. Each player must have 3 Meliora to fight, with a maximum energy of 20 credits.

Each Meliora has 20 credits of energy, 60 credits per team. Each Meliora will lose one credit after each game, while each Meliora will recover one energy credit every two hours.

How to get new Meliora?

New Meliora can only be obtained through hatching. All Meliora NFTs after game launch are created by players.

To hatch new Meliora it is necessary to have two Meliora and their MELI tokens and clean energy tokens.

How to level up the Meliora?

There are six star levels for each character, from zero to five stars. There are two ways to level up, either by using clean energy tokens (earned or purchased) and combining them or by purchasing MELI tokens from the in-game marketplace.

What types of tokens does Meli offer?

Meli bases its economy on two types of tokens, the MELI token and the clean energy token.

The Meli token is an ERC20-based token, which can be converted into BEP20 token for the game. The player can earn MELI through PvP fights as rewards and from trades. Hatching will require Meli token, with a limited supply of one billion units.

The Clean Energy Token or PCE can be obtained from PvE, PvP and daily tasks, as well as from trades. PCE is needed to hatch and level up.

Meli Marketplace

Meli offers its own marketplace for all its players to conduct their transactions in the safest way, such as buying and selling NFT assets, including characters and equipment. By using its own marketplace, Meli saves intermediaries such as OpenSea, avoiding NFT exchange fees.

Where can I play Meli?

Meli is available both on PC (Windows and Mac) and on Android or iOS mobiles. Enter the MELIverse, get your Meliora, evolve your NFTs and participate in fights to win great rewards!


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