Rabbit Loves Carrot

Rabbit Loves Carrot

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How to play Rabbit Loves Carrot?

Hunger has seized the main character of our story! Are you ready to help an adorable little rabbit get the delicious carrot located at the other end of each level in the game Rabbit Loves Carrot?

It seems quite a simple mission, but don't be confident! Numerous traps, unstable platforms and dangerous obstacles will make it really hard for you to get what you want most in the world, but they say that hunger sharpens your wits! So, you'll have to do everything in your power to make it across the screen safely. There are a total of 32 unique levels packed with thrills and fun - are you ready for a good time and a final feast?

Who created Rabbit Loves Carrot?

This game is developed by Hidebu.

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