Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm

Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm

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How to play Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm?

It's time to have some real fun with Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm in a mind-blowing adventure and caring game where you must take care of little baby bunnies and protect them from brain-hungry zombie killers!

Collect as many carrots as you can and enter a dark world full of tunnels and dangers as you collect the lost bunnies one by one, being patient and not leaving a single one behind - they're so scared, if you go too far away they'll cry! Collect gems and hearts to protect yourself, destroy your dangerous enemies and make it to the surface safely with your little friends, develop a good strategy to save as many bunnies as possible by optimizing the use of carrots to advance one level with three stars! Good luck...

Who created Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm?

This game was created by Wopa Interactive.

Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE


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