Rabbids Volcano Panic

Rabbids Volcano Panic


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How to play Rabbids Volcano Panic?

Try the amazing Rabbids Volcano Panic and get ready to enjoy these crazy and animated rabbits in an adventure full of thrills, obstacles and dozens of enemies! Rabbids Island is crumbling by the second! A volcano has just erupted, everything is out of control and this colossal spectacle of nature threatens the lives of everyone on the island.

Control your character cautiously and run endlessly from one side of the stage to the other while collecting some coins and lots of power ups that will make your survival easier. Will you manage to stay safe for as long as possible as you advance on a floor made of collapsing hexagons, watch your step and make your opponents fall first!

Who created Rabbids Volcano Panic?

This game was developed by Nano Ubisoft.

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