Noob: Time Shooter

Noob: Time Shooter

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How to play Noob: Time Shooter?

Noob: Time Shooter is an incredibly exciting and fun action game in which you will have to fight against countless squads of famous enemies on a huge battlefield full of platforms, barriers, obstacles and walls.

Your hero, full of courage and incredible unique abilities, such as the ability to control the duration of time, will have the opportunity to annihilate his opponents by exercising his aim while moving along the stage. Shoot without fear and move as fast as you can while you collect coins and first aid kits to heal your wounds and improve your life bar. Once you use one of your abilities, you must keep in mind that you will have a limited number of uses. Get lots of diamonds with each kill you get and invest your earnings to buy sniper rifles, assault rifles, Kalashnikov or heavy machine guns. Mercilessly assassinate characters like Noob, Huggy Wugy, Freddy, Cheater and many more, protect your back and become the last survivor. Good luck!

  • MOVE
  • AIM
  • RUN


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