Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath

Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath

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How to play Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath?

Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath is a roguelike action-survival game set in a wild fantasy world, your objective is to confront the forces of evil that want to destroy the natural order.

Collect magic crystals to gain new powers that allow you to summon fierce allies, deadly weapons and digest enchanted mushrooms.

Bring retribution using a wide arsenal of arcane powers bestowed by beloved Mother Nature:

  • Magic staffs for more firepower.
  • Bloodthirsty butterflies that transfer health.
  • Squadron of explosive squirrels.
  • Deadly vines and roots to stop enemies.
  • A squealing hell pig to move at the speed of light.
  • Sweet carnivorous bunnies to rip out throats.

Are you ready to crush orcs of the Aluminum Helmet clan and other cunning enemies of Mother Nature? Then go get 'em, Bloodbath!!!!

What are the special features of Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath?

  • Prove that you can hold your own for 20 minutes against hordes of enemies.
  • Choose up to 8 skills from the dozen randomly available unique powers.
  • Juecon with a funny black humor.
  • A wildpunk theme (fantasy with an "unconventional" twist).
  • Hand-drawn graphics.
  • Fast-paced action that requires a bit of reflexes and dexterity.

Who created Fantasy Madness: Bloobath?

Night Steed Games has developed this fun survival game.

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