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How to play Hero Cat?

Hero Cat is a game based on NFTs. Players can play while earning money. Its goal is to bring more players to the game's metaverse and its crypto system.

Hero Cat has its own metaverse based on cat heroes whose goal is to bring new users to increase their experience as a player.

Players can use the crypto Hero Cat to fight, as well as upgrade them and develop their skills. With the Hero Cat they will be able to join all kinds of battles in search of victory. Players will earn crypto by playing and contributing to the game's community.

How do NFTs work in Hero Cat?

Each player can acquire their MINING PET, the NFTs in the game. Each MINING PET will automatically start mining for HERO CAT TOKEN (HCT).

By feeding MINING PET HCT or other crypto currencies, players can improve the stats of each MINING PET. The higher the level, the more HCT you can obtain. HCTs that serve as food for the Hero Cat will be destroyed and other crypto currencies will be distributed among the community.

How to play Hero Cat?

The Hero Cat metaverse is developed through the following keys:

  • Trade your NFT Heroes in the game's open marketplace: players can trade their NFTs in the game's own marketplace and get money from their transactions.
  • Win battles to claim your rewards: If you win battles or fights you can get rewards in the form of real money.
  • Leveling system: Players can acquire food to feed and improve their heroes.
  • Star system: Use reserve heroes to upgrade your favorite or most powerful heroes. In addition, reserve heroes can also be used for hero spawning.
  • Multiple storylines: Players can start their own adventure through the storyline of their choice. Depending on the storylines, you can earn extra rewards.
  • One-on-one challenges: Fight against other players in one-on-one combat. Win the fight, win the prize.

What are Hero Cat Tokens?

HERO CAT TOKENS (HCT) are decentralized in-game tokens that are released in the BSC at the start with a total supply of one hundred billion units through an equitable and fair release. All HCTs will be distributed to Hero Cat players.

Of course, all players will be required to mine HCTs in the game and contribute to the community. Each HERO CAT TOKEN represents each player's own encrypted certificate. HCTs are the basis of the Hero Cat community democracy.

Is Hero Cat safe?

The development of Hero Cat is totally secure and depends on the actions of the players themselves through a blockchain system. So much so, that the holders of HCT assets have the right to vote to decide the future of Hero Cat. In addition, the amount of accumulated HTC will directly affect the privileges of each user as a Hero Cat player.

By using HCT, players can purchase services and goods on the Hero Cat gaming platform.

How does the invitation system work?

Hero Cat players receive rewards in the form of HCT by inviting their friends to the game. The more friends they invite, the more HCT they receive. On the other hand, as the Hero Cat community grows, more HCTs will be distributed on a daily basis. The number of HCT available in the game is directly linked to the number of players in the game's metaverse.

Enter the Hero Cat metaverse now and earn significant rewards in the form of real money! Acquire your Cat Heroes, upgrade them and participate in fights to obtain tokens. Participate in the free market and make the game grow with the arrival of new users that you invite.



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