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Big Block Mode

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How to play Big Block Mode?

Are you a fan of the famous Tetris game? Then it's time to enjoy Big Block Mode, a version of the most famous video game in the world where you must place different blocks on the main screen and in the right order to build complete lines to make lots of pieces disappear.

It seems simple, but a small difference will make the difficulty of the game much higher! You will be able to build tile structures on other empty screens which will then be sent to the main screen, inviting you to be much more attentive to the gaps and empty spaces in order to complete them. As the game progresses the challenge will be much greater, you will have a time limit and stages of only 10 seconds to place the pieces in the order you prefer. Don't dawdle, rearrange the blocks as you wish and prevent the tiles from reaching the top of the main screen or your adventure will be over. Good luck and enjoy!

Who created Big Block Mode?

This game was developed by UnitedFailures and Davecodev.



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