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How to play Vox?

Vox is a unique randomly generated avatar NFT. It is a collectible ERC-721 type NFT unlike any other.

An NFT is a "non-fungible token", i.e. a unique digital asset that can be verified through blockchain.

Each Vox represents the opportunity to participate in Mirandus, a Play-To-Earn style MMORPG with characters such as elves, dwarves, orcs and other lovable fantasy creatures.

Each set of Vox avatars hosts only 8,888 different characters, all unique.

Each Vox is unique and randomized

Each Vox is a randomly generated ERC-721 NFT. The user chooses a class and then generates each and every one of its individual attributes. To avoid duplicates, the data of the generated Vox is compared with that of other existing Vox avatars to ensure its uniqueness.

Are Vox avatars secure?

Vox avatars are generated as part of the Ethereum blockchain network to ensure their authenticity, as ERC-721-like collectibles, which can be stored in an Ethereum-compatible wallet such as Metamask.

Are Mirandus' Vox avatars compatible with Town Star?

Yes, absolutely. When Play-To-Earn Town Star Season 2 launches, you will be able to use your Mirandus Vox avatars and complete daily challenges to earn TOWN. Mind you, in Town Star, the rare Vox avatars from Mirandus will work differently than the Town Star Vox avatars from the original series, with generally lower earnings.

How are Mirandus Vox avatars used in Mirandus?

When paired with their corresponding avatar, Mirandus Vox avatars increase the capabilities of their unique abilities. Mirandus Vox avatars are like small but powerful "lucky charms" that offer a boost while playing the game. The non-humanoid Vox creature gives your compatible avatar a bonus when fighting, looting or defending against a particular creature.

Do the Vox have any utility?

Yes, Vox are designed to offer various utilities, with more purposes than just being a cute avatar to own and care for. Vox will be able to catch GALA and, in addition, generate VOXcoin as a reward for playing. There are also additional utilities, such as rewards for playing in Town Star and gameplay benefits in Mirandus.

What is a VOXcoin?

VOXcoin is the currency generated by Vox avatars. VOXcoin can be used in the Gala Games metaverse. In addition, it is possible to exchange VOXcoin for other coins or currencies.

Does the rarity of the Vox matter?

Yes; very much so. Each Vox avatar is unique, not only because of its metadata characteristics, but also because of its appearance. And yes, some Vox are much rarer than others. Therefore, when transformed into VOXcoin, the more rarity, the more potential reward value.

The rarity guarantee of each Vox avatar is given by the SHA-256 provenance contract that is calculated from all the Vox metadata, model and images in sequential order, thus guaranteeing the condition of unique specimens in the same metaverse.

How can I buy Vox avatars?

Vox can be purchased in primary sales through the Gala Games store. Therefore, all users must have their Gala Games account, which can be created completely free of charge and includes an Ethereum-compatible web3 wallet, ETH is required to cover network fees, while the purchase price is determined in GALA. The purchase price of Vox is equivalent to 0.888 ETH, the equivalent in GALA.

Each Morandus Vox is priced at 0.888 ETH. The equivalent price will be published in GALA, as it can only be purchased with GALA currency.

What kind of Vox can I buy?

When you buy your Vox avatar, you cannot choose its characteristics. Thus, you will be given a completely random avatar based on the Vox metaverse. Thanks to this, the metadata of a Vox avatar will be cryptographically verifiable through its own contract as NFT.

Dive into the Gala Games metaverse, acquire your Vox avatars and start playing to generate real rewards through your dedication to Mirandus!



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