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How to play Blankos?

Blankos Block Party is a multiplayer, open-world NFT game focused on exploration, crafting and mini-games in which players play with their own unique and rare collections of Blankos, the game's own NFT currency. Blankos starts its activity as Early Access.

Each Blanko is a unique blockchain-based NFT object. When a player gets their own Blanko, it becomes entirely theirs, not even the creators of the game can take it back or claim it.

What is an Early Access?

An Early Access game starts its commercial activity while its creators continue to develop and improve the game. Blankos' Free-To-Play business model allows players to enjoy the experience completely free of charge.

Thanks to the game's continuous development, its creators keep adding new and attractive functionalities and tools to make the game even more fun; moreover, its creators guarantee that new features, content additions, improvements and bug fixes will keep coming along with the game's activity.

What does Blankos offer as Free-To-Play?

Blankos' Free-To-Play business model guarantees free access to the game, although payment options are also offered for cosmetic items, accessories and limited edition Blankos.

What is a Blanko?

Blankos are the game's NFT items that can be purchased in the in-game store or through the game's official website.

You can equip your Blankos with all kinds of accessories; you can also choose different skills or powers such as Speedster, Trickster or Bruiser. In addition, creative partners of the game such as Jon-Paul Kaiser, Tara McPherson, Junko Mizuno, Pete Fowler, Kronk, or James Groman create their own Blankos for the game.

Access your Blankos collection directly through the Mythical Marketplace, where you can view and manage all your NFT assets.

Buy, sell and collect Blankos

All NFT assets in Blankos are owned by the players. Each NFT can be bought or sold through the Blankos Marketplace. Create, sell, buy and collect Blankos and earn money with every NFT transaction.

Is Blankos secure?

Blankos uses blockchain technology to guarantee players completely secure transactions and digital properties. Players have full control over their NFT assets and their purchases and sales.

What kind of games does Blankos offer?

Blankos offers experiences of all kinds to its players, from action and shooting mini-games to racing games, as well as collectibles games. In addition to the games created by its developers, Blankos offers great creative tools for each player to create their own gaming experiences.

Single-player and multiplayer modes

Blankos offers both single-player and multiplayer experiences. In addition, sharing creations and multiplayer games does not require any kind of code; simply create your game, share it with the game's metaverse and enjoy without any further complications.

Are there any region and language restrictions in Blankos?

Blankos does not have any region or country restrictions; everyone can access and participate in the Beta and in the final game when it is available, except if some kind of restriction is necessary for the game to work.

During the Beta, only English will be offered as the game language, although new languages will be added as the game grows.

On what platforms is Blankos available?

Blankos is available on both Windows PC and macOS worldwide. New supported game platforms will be added in the future.

Immerse yourself in the Blankos metaverse, create, share and enjoy countless mini-games and sell and buy your NFT assets to earn great rewards through Blankos' own Marketplace.


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