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Roblox Squid Game


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How to play Roblox Squid Game?

You've gotten yourself into debt and it looks like your only way out is to participate in The Squid Game 🦑

Now you can play Roblox Squid Game, one of the most played mini-games on the Roblox platform, online from your PC.

Play fair and don't break any rules, or you will be eliminated. It is highly recommended that you forge alliances to survive the nights of intermission in order to win the game. Inspired by the Netflix show Squid Game!

How to play Roblox Squid Game?

Playing Roblox Squid Game is as simple as this: Click play, log in if you have an account or sign up, it's worth it, it's super fun.

Who created Roblox Squid Game?

There are a lot of Squid Games on the Roblox platform, but without a doubt, this is one of the best adaptations out there, created by Trendsetter Games.

  • MOVE
  • JUMP

Minitorneos, chat & make friends


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