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How to play Tank Battle?

Tank Battle is a war strategy NFT game based on Blockchain technology and built on the BSC network. Become a talented strategist in this new tactical game and earn money while playing through your iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play) mobile device.

The game offers a variety of game modes, betting on epic turn-based battles with great rewards. Tank Battle bets on games in which teamwork is crucial, as well as a strategic vision with great possibilities.

In the Tank Battle metaverse you can opt for various styles of play, from PvE (cooperative mode against the AI) to PvP (player versus player in real time), in addition to the Alliance War and Tournament modes, each with its own rules.

More than a Play-For-Fun or Play-To-Earn game

Tank Battle proposes combat between teams of players and allies. Players must compete to obtain valuable resources and upgrade their combat units to create the most powerful team in Tank Battle's online territories.

Set up the best possible team and assign missions to your allies to protect your territory from enemy attacks to secure your resources and income.

How do you fight in Tank Battle?

Tank Battle offers tactical battles through tank squads that each player can create in order to fight and win. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the game at the strategy level together with the varied tank system, players can delve as deeply as they wish into its attractive combat system. The greater and more ambitious the tactics, the greater the chances of winning and gaining access to the best rewards.

The development of the games in Tank Battle is based on three basic pillars:

  • Combat: Obtain victory in PvE and PvP battles to win $TBL.
  • Mega Box: Unlock NFT accessories to complete the power of your NFT tanks and increase your power in combat and your chances of victory.
  • Marketplace: The Marketplace is the place where players can trade NFT tanks and NFT accessories for $TBL.

The Tank Battle economy is based on the $TBL token. The $TBL token is the in-game currency of the game that can be obtained by betting or participating in Tank Battle activities.

Tank Battle transactions are fully secure thanks to the supervision of the Verichains network, which guarantees the authenticity of buying and selling activities and the validity of NFTs.

Buy and sell your NFT tanks on the Marketplace

The Tank Battle Marketplace is the platform where your players can buy and sell their NFT tanks. In addition, players can get parts as accessories along with NFT tanks of different rarity.

Types of tanks according to their class

Tank Battle NFT tanks are divided into 6 classes according to their characteristics and abilities:

  • Heavy Tanks (HT): These types of units have medium level firepower and armor with high rate of fire to attack enemies.
  • Medium Tanks (MT): Units with a good balance between firepower, mobility and protection; they are especially good at area attacks.
  • Light Tanks (LT): A highly mobile type of tank capable of moving easily through the enemy ranks. Ideal to be used as support units to weaken the opponent.
  • Tank Destroyer (TD): Units focused on great power of resistance and armor. Their damage capacity is low although they are very useful as defense shields.
  • Self-propelled Gun (SPG): A type of mobile turrets with long distance firing capability and great destructive power. On the other hand, it has a limited rate of fire and weak resistance.
  • Support Tank (ST): Units focused on supporting units in HP and team-enhancing abilities.

What characteristics define each tank?

Each tank has its own abilities based on characteristics and roles as part of the team; each of these characteristics depend on the level and rarity of each tank:

  • HP: Survival points.
  • Def: Armor points and damage resistance.
  • Atk: Attack points and attack characteristics.
  • AOE: Ability to resist massive damage.
  • Critical: Ability to complete critical hits and extra damage per turn.
  • Dodge: Ability to evade and avoid damage.
  • Accurate: Hit points to the target.
  • Pierce: Ability to remove the target's armor.
  • Farming Point

How to build a tank?

To build a tank, players must first collect the 4 pieces of modules needed for its assembly. Modules are obtained by trading with NFT in the Marketplace.

To obtain tank modules you can buy Boxes to receive random modules, as well as buy specific modules from other players who have them for sale. Each player can sell the modules he/she considers.

Tank modules can also be obtained by collecting Gems. Every 100 Gems can create a module.

What is the probability of each type of rarity?

The manufacture of tank modules depends on the rarity of each type of tank; these are the rarity probabilities in the manufacture of modules:

  • Common: 50%
  • Rare: 30%
  • Epic: 14
  • Mythic: 5%
  • Legendary: 1%

Types of currencies in Tank Battle

Tank Battle bases its internal economy on three types of in-game currencies: $TLB Token, Gold and Gems.

The $TLB token is the most important in-game currency. It can be purchased with DEX and converted to Gold. Gold is used in the game to reduce the gas rate of tanks. In this sense, players can exchange Gold for $TLB and vice versa.

Gold is the most valuable currency in the game. Gold can be used to buy Crates and perform almost any action in Tank Battle. Players can earn Gold for participating in game modes such as PvE, PvP or Alliances, among others. Gold can be exchanged for $TLB when rewards are claimed.

Gems are very important in the production of NFT in the game. They are obtained from farming, being awarded as a reward to the top 500 players of the week. Players can exchange 100 Gems for random tank modules.

Don't hesitate to take part in the most challenging and rewarding strategic battles of the NFT games with Tank Battle- build your tank team now and wipe out your enemies!


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