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Trap the Cat

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How to play Trap the Cat?

If you love cats and puzzles Trap the Cat is the perfect game for you! This fun and challenging adventure invites you to develop your logic skills as you do your best to accomplish the main objective of stopping the cat from escaping the stage by coloring the correct spaces on the grid.

Trap the Cat is inspired by a 2007 flash game, which many of you may have played, called Chat Noir

The cat will try to escape by moving from one side to the other, but he will never be able to overcome the blocks of the mosaic painted dark. When the cat finds himself surrounded on all sides and unable to escape, the game is over, so be much smarter than him and catch him successfully in the shortest possible time! Avoid taking risks, watch the scenery carefully and have a really fun experience - good luck!

Who created Trap the Cat?

This game was developed by Orestisz.

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