Taffy: Adventure of a Lunchtime

Taffy: Adventure of a Lunchtime

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How to play Taffy: Adventure of a Lunchtime?

Get ready for a fun adventure in Taffy: Adventure of a Lunchtime! Help Taffy, a shameless and very hungry raccoon find a way to devour all the delicious snacks on the way. You'll have the chance to take on a total of 40 exciting levels in which you'll

Guide Taffy through dangerous paths and complicated maze-like puzzles! Try to feed well so you don't lose your energy as you avoid falling into dangerous death traps and avoid being eaten by a rabid dog.

What features does Taffy: Adventure of a Lunchtime offer?

  • Enjoy simple 2D graphics.
  • Over 40 unique levels full of challenges and mazes.
  • Avoid falling into the clutches of an angry dog.
  • Collect all the food on the way to get all the stars.
  • Avoid falling into dangerous traps and find a way to disable them so they don't end your life.
  • Reach into the old lady's arms to feel safe.
  • MOVE


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