Stick Archers Battle

Stick Archers Battle

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How to play Stick Archers Battle?

A tricky challenge with a bow and arrows for 1 or 2 players awaits you in the game Stick Archers Battle! Stare at your target on the other side of the screen, take momentum with your bow and shoot at the right moment with the right force to shoot them down with a single shot.

The laws of physics will play a very important role in this adventure. Try to be as precise as possible with each of your movements and correctly calculate the distance at which you are if you don't want to fall short. Don't let your opponent graze you with any of his arrows, because if your life line reaches zero, it will be too late for you. The first player to reach 5 points will win the game! Are you ready to show what you are capable of? Good luck...



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